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Ancient Egyptian Hunting Birds With a Throwing Stick
Ancient Egyptian Hunting Birds With a Throwing Stick

Recreations.—The hunting of wild animals was by coursing with dogs and the use of lasso and spear. The bow and arrow were seldom employed. Fishing was with line or net. Fowling was done in the marshy districts in boats, the weapon used being a throwing stick. Traps and nets were also employed.

Wrestling-matches and gymnastic exercises, ball-playing andjuggling, are often represented in paintings. Singing and music were the accompaniment of work and play, and at feasts music and dancing, performed by members of the harem, enlivened the scene.

The instruments used were the flute and a sort of whistle, the guitar, the harp, and lyre, the last two having sometimes nearly twenty strings. Assistants beat time by hand-clapping. Bow practice was engaged in and a game similar to quoits is represented, along with other games which can not be understood in their details. T-shaped boards, divided into squares like checker-boards, have been found, but how they were used is uncertain. The children were not forgotten, for the tombs have yielded specimens of their toys.

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