Egyptian Gods
The God for the dead, Anubis, preparing the body of Sennedjen.

The Ancient Egyptins had a very complex mythology and system of religious belief. They worshipped many different gods. Some deities were national in scope and were universally worshipped throughout the kingdrom, while others were local deities whose cults were restrited to specific regions or cities.

It does not appear that the the Egyptians had a single holy book or an orthodox belief system such as the Bible or the Koran. Local practices and customs resulted in signifcant variations from place to place, in the worship of the same deity. Even universal deities such as Isis or Osiris, had different attributes or personal characteristics depending on where they were worshipped, or which aspect of the deity was emphasized or appealed to. Because of the lack of an official canon of myths and legends, the geneologies and histories of the gods are often confused and told differently in vaious papayrus and pyramid texts.

We have not fully learned all that there is to know about Egyptian religious life. But we do know that the Egyptians believed in many gods and that they believed in an afterlife, where they would be rewarded or punished depending on whether they had committed evil or good deeds in this lifetime. It is likely a mistake to assume, despite the emphasis on mummies and other preparations of the next ife, that the Egyptians were preoccupied with death. The gods of the Egyptian ranged from the impersonal to protector gods that were believed to intervene in human affairs.

There were hundreds of gods and local deities. Below are links to information about the principal Egyptian gods:

  • Isis
  • Osiris - god of the underworld
  • Horus - god of light
  • Seth - the evil god or demon of chaos, confusion and destruction
  • Ra - sun god
  • Anubis - god of the dead
  • Maat - goddess of truth
  • Bastet - the cat goddess
  • Hathor - goddess of love
  • Thot - god of science

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